hard to take, hard to chew, and damn sure hard to swallow.

I think the Republicans latest messaging and strategy is a bit like being served pizza that has been microwaved, not eaten, microwaved and served again. Hard to take, hard to chew, and damn sure hard to swallow.
Here’s why they won’t reach Latino voters in 2014 and 2016. They do not have the slightest compassion or sympathy that the average person has for the families of these individuals torn apart every single day in America by deportation.
I would like to just go on to say reaching the female block of voters, will prove to be just as big of a problem for a political party that has a derisive view on things like, women’s reproductive rights or fair and equal pay for women which are issues that affect women’s lives structurally, financially, and as well as their overall well-being.
I want to address next the problems that the GOP has with us African American voters.
Understanding the issues that are important to our community, and believe it or not, guns are a big and important issue to us because, our babies and our communities were being taken by gun violence before the epidemic of these mass shooting broke out. And I don’t want to forget about our voting rights, so I’ll be short on this issue. Hands off!!!! Civil Rights will definitely sound the alarm That will bring us out to vote for your opponents in large enough numbers to beat you by a substantial margin.
My final take on the issues that the GOP has in the upcoming elections, is the problem that they have with registered independent voters. The GOP look to them, the way they look to the rest of us. They seem to be more concerned with obstructing economic progress until a Republican is back in the White House, and both houses of Congress are back in control of Republicans, but I have a warning for the GOP, the voters sees right through that strategy, that strategy won’t work and Obamacare won’t either. I can say that with a very high level of certainty because, I live in a very conservative part of Florida and a lot of people that I’ve talked to are definitely in favor of Obamacare.
So everybody get out and vote!!!!
And I hope the ” grand ole party” gives us another ” grand ole primary” GOP.


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