Piss or get off the pot!!!!

I warned you on my last blog post that politics is about to get as dirty as we’ve seen American Politics get, so let me call out the GOP. At this point so early in the political game, I think the GOP has revealed what they think is a winning strategy, but I’ve got news for the GOP, this is not a winning strategy. Doing nothing at all.
To me is an American voter, the GOP just can’t strike the right chord to make that song that conveys a winning message. They want to stand in the way of every bit of progress that we make, They also convey a message of heartlessness. For instance, the way they talk about people receiving unemployment benefits. I mean is very stupid to say taking the only income people have in their homes away is an incentive for them tp find work. I don’t think that stacking worries on top of the ones that people already have is going to make it easier for them to find work, but in fact harder. This is something the GOP needs to think about before they start playing games with the lives of real people. I would remind them that not just elections have consequences, but what you do and how we the American people evaluate you and your public service work on behalf of the American people, has consequences as well.
So let me close by saying to Congress, I won’t call you the do nothing Congress, I’ll call you the Phantom Congress, and furthermore you should pass that unemployment benefits extension.
Here’s my final closing sentence on behalf of the American people, PISS OR GET OFF THE POT!!!!


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