Be an informed voter

I would like to start off by saying happy new year! As I look forward to a new year, I truly believe that politics is about to get as dirty as we’ve ever seen politics get. So I thought I’d take the time, to try to help out first time voters in 2014. This is a new year but be on the lookout for old tricks.
We already heard that there’s going to be issues over raising the debt ceiling. So I just want to say first, follow the issues that the individuals running for office says he or she stands up for and believe in, also follow the way these individuals vote on these issues in the House of Representatives and Senate. If these issues are important to you, when you go to vote, vote for the person that voted the same way that you feel about the issues in question.
Also don’t get all of your information TV shows and talk radio shows that play snippets of speeches that were picked out to fit their narrative. Listen to campaign speeches for yourself and try as much as you can to keep up with all proceedings by watching CSPAN, thereby eliminating the talking heads between you the voter and the individuals that are running for office.
Personally, during the 2012 elections I came to realize that the election laws should be revised to allow more flexibility for third-party candidates, access to general election debates, and the general elections as well. This is simply because, the Republicans don’t seem to have any new ideas or suggestions to help make the country better.
Third-party candidates would breathe life back into American politics, so I’d like the new Green Party. In fact, I always got Obama’s back, because his policies reflect what he believes in, but I wish the 2012 presidential election would’ve been between Romney and Jill Stein. Check out what she has to say, would’ve voted for her. So watch out GOP because there are people out there with real ideas.

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